Meet Dr. Yuliya

I was born in Russia and received my medical, dental, and orthodontic education in Moscow, Russia. In 1994, I came to the United States. My professional journey in this country began in Los Angeles, CA where I received my dental license and practiced General Dentistry for 2 years.

Orthodontics has always been my passion and even though I have received Orthodontic training in Russia, I always felt that I needed to study more to be able to provide my patients with the best treatment possible. When I was accepted into Graduate Orthodontic Program at Indiana U. School of Dentistry, I moved to Indianapolis to pursue my dream.

I received traditional orthodontic education and became quite proficient in straightening teeth with braces. Recently however, I have become concerned with the reasons why teeth grow crooked in the first place as well as the way crooked teeth may be an indication of other bodily imbalances involving breathing, posture, nutrition, and sleep.

My entire approach to orthodontic treatment has completely changed. Instead of focusing on crooked teeth and making them straight with braces as traditional Orthodontics does, I focus on identifying and addressing the CAUSES of crooked teeth AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE.

That way, growth and development of the entire face can be optimized, the need for the child to have braces in the future can be minimized or even prevented, overall health of the child can be improved, and the child will grow with beautiful face and straight teeth that will remain straight for the rest of the life without the need for retainers.

I consider myself very fortunate to meet great people – dentists, orthodontists, medical doctors, orofacial myologists, doctors of osteopathic medicine, etc. who teach and support me in my endeavor, people who truly believe what I believe, and same as me want our children to grow beautiful, healthy, and happy. And believe me – straight teeth are just a small part of the whole picture!

Passionate about my profession, I approach the care of my patients as if they are my own children.

I cannot imagine myself without my family. I am married to my wonderful husband of 20 years. He is a very talented General Dentist. Everything I have accomplished in my life, professionally and personally, I owe to him. It is with his amazing support and encouragement every day of my life I was able to pursue and achieve my dreams.

We have two wonderful children.

Josh is a sophomore at Carmel High. He is an avid cooker and baker and dreams about becoming a famous chef.

Meggie is in fourth grade at Towne Meadow. She adores horses. Her dream is to have her own horse.

Well, we actually have 3 kids because our miniture-schnauzer Lada is indeed our 3rd child. She barks a lot but other than that she is absolutely human.

It is only with all of them that I feel myself complete and happy, get my energy and relaxation, and look forward to each coming day.