Different Approach to Orthodontic Treatment

We are an orthodontic office but we are quite different from other orthodontic offices because of our approach to orthodontic treatment. The treatment that we do is not just about straight teeth.

Our goal is to the degree possible (especially depending on the age of the child), improve facial development and facial balance to be as close to the genetic plan for each child as possible.

Instead of focusing on crooked teeth and making them straight with braces as traditional Orthodontics does, we focus on identifying and addressing the CAUSES of crooked teeth AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE.

That will allow the jaws to develop correctly and the teeth all fit into their natural position.

The need for a child to have braces in the future can be minimized or even prevented, overall health of a child can be improved, and a child will grow with a well-balanced face and straight teeth that will remain straight for the rest of the life without the need for retainers.

Why We Are Different

Most conventional approaches to orthodontic treatment do not recommend starting treatment before the age of seven, and many general dentists and orthodontists recommend that treatment should not even begin until after most or all of the adult teeth are fully erupted, usually around the age of 11 or 12 which is different from what we recommend:

  • We see children as early as 3 – 4 years of age. If an orthodontic problem such as crooked teeth and incorrectly growing jaws is already developing, it can be easily recognized at this age.
  • If these problems are not addressed early, they tend to become worse as the child grows.
  • We start our treatment as early as possible, usually at 4-5 years of age, but even at 2 1/2 – 3 years of age there are things that could be done to stop the problem from getting worse.
  • We identify and address the causes of crooked teeth. That way we prevent  the teeth from growing crooked.

Here at Center for Early Orthodontic Treatment, we help your child

Most orthodontic techniques are retractive in nature (headgear, Class II elastics, extracting teeth with subsequent closing of spaces by bringing front teeth back, functional appliances producing headgear effect, etc.).

These retraction methods can potentially reduce the size of the airway. We do not use any orthodontic techniques that would compromise the health of the airways which in turn, will compromise the overall health of you child.

  • We do not extract any adult teeth for orthodontic treatment. Extracting teeth will make small jaws even smaller and reduce the space for the tongue in the mouth.
  • We do not use any headgears. They restrict the forward growth of the upper jaw.
  • We do not do any retraction mechanics (moving teeth back in the face). That may negatively affect not only the way the face looks, but most importantly the health of the airways which may cause such conditions as sleep-disordered breathing with sleep apnea beeing the most serious one.
  • We do not use any functional appliances that have a headgear effect of restricting the forward growth of the upper jaw.

Yes, We Are Different! Our CORE VALUE is your CHILD’S HEALTH

  • Don’t let your children wait for treatment!
  • Don’t wait for your child to have all adult teeth in the mouth!
  • It might be already too late!
  • Come and see us now!